Eminence Handmade Organic Skin Care of Hungary

I am currently in love or, rather I should say, my SKIN is in love with this award winning organic skin care line from Hungary.  All of Eminence products are made with fresh fruit pulps, plants and exotic spices that you can actually SEE and SMELL  I am telling you guys, their products smell so delicious, I literally want to eat them especially their fresh fruit masques.  The whip moisturizers are to die for because they are super velvety to the touch and the texture is incrediable when applied to the skin.  You know, I bet I could probably taste/eat the product because everything is organic and natural :)  These products do not contain any water (meaning no contamination) and everything is hand picked/hand made in small batches (unbelievable!!)  AND the whole line is free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and harsh chemicals.  This means, I am getting a product that is jam packed full of natural goodness = antioxidants and vitamins which are super duper nutritious for my skin.

The VERY first time I went to purchase some Eminence products was for the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant.  A girl friend of mine (whom has excellent milky white skin like egg tofu:) was raving how much she adored the Eminence line.  She had a facial done at Solace Spa at Kits using the organic line.  So, I thought I would surprise her by getting it for her birthday and I am so glad I went to the store called SHIFEON in Oakridge Mall (Vancouver, BC) because the girl that was helping me was (and still is )very kind enough to give me samples (just so I can try out the products for myself)— boy was I EVER glad she gave me a sample because I went right back after 2 weeks, and got the full sized product (which cost $48). It may be pricey for some people but I really love when a product does what it claims: to brighten and smooth the skin for a radiant complexion.

sample size

Full Size

I cannot wait to do a review of this gentle exfoliate for you guys because you will love the key ingredients (finally, ingredients I can ACTUALLY pronounce):

thermal mud
oatmeal (literally my skin’s BFF:)
biocomplex (Vitamin A, C, E, Co-enzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid)

Just a quick note regarding the store SHIFEON, it is a beauty store that has one side of its store’s wall, selling expensive perfumes/cologne and the opposite side of the wall sells exclusive spa-only skin products and high end skin care products such as Darphin and Valmont.  I should also add that SHIFEON at the Oakridge Mall location, performs mini spa like facials (??) because I saw a women come out looking all dewy skinned and glowly; she was thanking one of the girls for the amazing facial.  The store looks small from the outside but I believe the back is probably where the spa rooms are. The girls in there are very nice and more than happy to help you with product knowledge (and give you samples hehe).

While I was waiting for the HBOO to come and pick me up, I decided to pick up the free Eminence 2011 Summer Ed pamphlet to read.  I read through their never ending products, while practically drooling over the fresh ingrediants found in the products such as the sugar plum moisturizer/cherry moisturizer /pink grapefruit masque/ blueberry masque etc  While drooling over the products, I was telling myself not to purchase anything except for what I came for– the Strawberry exfoliate because I really am trying to cut back on purchasing too many skin care products, as I already have way too many still unopen ^_^

Yes, I am a complete SKIN CARE (esp face masks) JUNKIE to the max…always researching for the next best advance skin care.  I am no professional but my rule of thumb is to research like crazy before I actually purchase anything because when I purchase a product for my skin, I see it as a serious investment for my skin- no joke guys!

So, I admit my curiousity about the line and its GREENESS really caught my “skin’s attention” and because 1). my friend mentioned it and the ‘organic’ line sounded vaguely familiar to me 2). I saw Eminence advertised several times in the beauty magazine, NEW BEAUTY, which by the way is THE ONLY magazine I will ever purchase: http://www.newbeauty.com/

If you have never heard of NEW BEAUTY, it is worth your time to check it out and I already have some girl friends of mine hooked. And it is not so bad because they come out quarterly ($10) so it doesn’t hurt the wallet too much and it is my aclaimed Holy Grail magazine <3

So yes…..I  caved in and this is how my youtube review came about on Eminence Exclusive Rose Collection ($69) =) as much as I enjoy writing, I really enjoy filming everything and actually showing people the products itself.

So Please Enjoy and comment =)

Stay tuned for more Eminence reviews:
Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant
Stone Crop Masque
Stone Crop Gel
Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque
Pink Grapefruit C Gel
+ there Beyond Organic Line
and much more!

P.S: Eminence’s Beyond Organic Line uses Biodynamic farming techniques, which is (my opinion) by far the friendliest environmental way to agriculture. This is probably a really good plus for people who are very ‘green’ conscience. Read more about their Biodynamic philosophy: http://www.eminenceorganics.com/en-CA/organic-ingredients/organic-biodynamic-philosophy.aspx

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Meet Me at The Effle Tower My Love…..

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HEALTHY SKIN FOR LIFE: Dry Brushing Technique

What protects everything inside your body? Your skin.

What protects your Skin? Everything you do or do not do.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and some of its main functions are:
-to eliminate waste/toxins through sweating
-to protect our most precious internal organs such as our heart that bumps blood
-helps to regulate our body temperature

When I first heard about Dry Skin Brushing 3 years ago, I had no idea what it meant but I assumed it would be similar to the concept of brushing our hair to “stimulate” hair growth and for a healthier scalp>>> So brushing the skin would be the same as stimulating the skin for faster cell turnover??

I actually did not try it until now because 1) I was lazy (not gonna lie^_^) 2) I didn’t understand how it could benefit my skin or how it could impact my overall health 3) beside, wasn’t exfoliating and applying body moisturizer good enough for my skin already? *scratching head

Well, two days ago I took my Mom out to Richmond for a full body massage cause she has been experiencing (for years) pain in her legs. Her massage was for one hour, so I decided to go to Daiso (located inside Arbedeen Mall): an awesome Japanese Toonie Store that is way better and biiger than our North American Dollar Stores).

I wanted to pick up a couple things, first off I wanted to get myself another natural loofa sponge to help with exfoliation. The loofa they sell at Daiso come in various shapes and sizes. According to what they bring in from Japan, the loofa they sell are “natural sea sponges”. The one I got this time has a wooden handle on it, so it’s easier for me to reach my back =)

I than came across a natural bristle brush that made me remember “dry brushing”. I searched online after I bought this and they sell the EXACT same one for so much more, it ranged from $10-45usd….which is a complete rip off. The one I got, I paid $2 and it is made from Japan. I did mention that everything from Daiso is imported from Japan right? =) anyways the best part about this is is that the brush can come off the handle, so you can start brushing from your feet/legs.

Anyways, I already started trying the dry brushing technique and I like it so far (1 week!). I really feel that it awakens my skin before I shower. I basically strip to my birthday suit and stand in the middle of my bath tub and *gently* brush my skin. I brush starting from my heels>legs>upper body and arms and I make sure I brush towards my heart. The reason why I want to brush towards my heart is because I want my blood to return to my heart and help with the lymphatic flow.

Dry bushing is really easy and it helps with the stimulation of blood/lymph flow and its great for exfoliating the skin so that it can help with faster new cell growth. When I was raising my arm to brush towards my heart, I could see flakes of dead skin being exfoliated off–Ewww!

I heard it also helps with preventing and fighting cellulite. You just have to remember to not be rough when you are brushing your skin and I would say no more than 10 minutes should be spent on dry brushing your entire body. After 10 mins, I take a shower =)

My skin is very soft after I use the dry brushing technique and I noticed that my body lotion/moisturizers really sink into my skin =) It’s most likely due to the exfoliating part therefore applying lotion to my body is so much easier now. I should also mention my skin is really glowing from using this technique.

I am going to try to keep this up for as long as I can, perhaps be like this women who has kept it up for 25 years +. Her skin looks AMAZING! I really hope my body and skin will look as healthy as hers. Watch the video if you have time =)

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Tiffany’s Graduation Photoshoot Makeup Looks

My apologies, I have been completely M.I.A but I have exciting news to share with everyone: my baby sister is graduating from high school next year and I had the honor of doing her make up look for her grad photo shoots’ at Artona (http://www.artonagroup.com).

I did her group photo shoot and her personal grad photo shoot (both different days). I would love to share some of the photos and close up of the make up looks I did for her. I am not a professional make up artist but I hope to one day aspire to become one :)

MAKE UP FOR GRAD PHOTOS: The Transformation

To prepare her face and make sure her skin is ready for a flawless make up application: I washed and cleansed her face and after cleansing, I did a calming and soothing masque for 10 minutes to calm/reduce the redness in her skin (Eminence Organic Skin Care- Stone Crop). I then washed the masque off and applied the sugar plum revitalizer (also from Eminence) to hydrate and moisturize her face to allow me to have a good clean canvas to work on.

no make up/ untouched photo

I should say, my baby sister has very sensitive and acne prone skin, which by the way, I am trying to help clear up. And she rarely let’s me help her with it cause she is stubborn haha but when I found out my sister wanted me to do her make up, I was ecstatic!

She and I were off to Sephora to find the perfect foundation and we literally spent a full hour at Sephora and YES, she was bored out of her mind! I, on the other hand, was frantically testing all these shades of colors on her, to find the perfect match for her skin color. I wanted to find a foundation that would be light enough to not feel like foundation but it also needed to provide good coverage because she has teenage acne/redness/oily combo skin.

While I was looking/doing swatches of the foundations, I kept asking myself, how should I go about in helping her achieve flawless skin?  That was when I remembered watching Lisa Eldridge youtube video about “Acne Covering Make up”. I took what I learned and what I liked from that tutorial and kept it in the back of my mind. Lisa really focuses on “the skin in between the acne problems” and when I look at my sister’s skin, those are the areas that are gorgeous and smooth. I really wanted to do what Lisa said was important when she worked with clients that have acne prone skin. She talked about recreating and trying to “embellish/mimic” the gorgeous skin in between the acne. I think I learned a lot from that tutorial– Thank you Lisa Eldridge!

Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish                          Left: no make up |                                                Right: bareMinerals Original in Light W15

I applied BareMinerals Foundation (Original) in Light W15 (has SPF 15) to her right side of the face. I wanted to show the comparison of her left side to her right side of her face– there is a big difference: less red, less bumpy and more clear/ smooth looking skin.

Mineral foundations are very light and it did not mask her skin or make it look cakey. My sister does not wear any foundation/concealer. She never tries to hide her blemishes, so the whole process of putting on foundation was very interesting and “awkward” for her. I wanted to get her a product she would be able to use even after the photo shoots were over and grad/prom had past. I think Mineral foundation is suitable for her skin type and would allow her skin to breath better.

Full Face Foundation: bareMinerals Original in Light W15

This is her wearing a full face foundation using the BareMinerals.Her skin literally looks like it is glowing from within and super healthy looking=) I basically mimic the skin in between the acne/problem areas. Gorgeous huh?! And you don’t see any redness at all!

Test Runs–couple days before her actual photo shoot:

w/out lashes and with eyelashes (unglued yet)

For her eyes, I wanted to make them look like they were “glowing”. I know Make up artist and Asian girls (sometimes, if not majority of the time) have trouble applying eye make up. At first, I thought it would be easy because I have Asian eyes and I have found my own way to apply my own eye make up. So when it came time to do her eyes, I struggled a bit and it was difficult because her eye shape is so different from mine. I had to really make sure I did not bring the dark colors/pigments up too much on to her lid or else it looked like she had a bruised eye 0_O.

Eyes completely done =) My favorite look

What do you guys think of this eye look?!? Its from dark to light (lashes to outer lids) with smoldering light green eyeshadow peaking from underneath those beautiful dark chocolate eyes and crazy nice falsies =)

I really tried to focus the colors upward and to really blend! blend! blend the colors on top of the lid to fade out naturally. I wanted to make sure the colors only peeked out from behind her eyelashes. This helps to create that glowly/smoldering eye look. This was by far my favorite eye look on her. And green looks gorgeous on brown eyed girls.

love her beautiful side profile =) I envy her long chin and nice jaw.

She is like a ray of Sunshine! teehee ^_^

So that was the test run but the real eye look she wore on the actual day turned out like this:

I know it’s completely different from the “test run” but I wanted to take a risk even though it was the actual day of the photo shoot and we literally only had 30mins before she had to leave. I really wanted to add back the youthfulness. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the smoldering green was gorgeous but it was almost too mature looking for her and I am not sure why I thought that, at the time but I think I must have gotten scared….. the realization that my baby sister is all grown up…..yes, it scares me haha I can still remember Mamabear and Papabear bring her home wrapped in a pink blanket, ready to show her off to my sisters’ and I <3.

paparazziii attack =P she was in such a hurry that we couldn’t take much photos of the complete look but you can imagine how pretty her dress/make up/ hair was. I did her hair too =)

So that was that, this grad photo shoot was with her group of friends. I really think the youthful and slightly brighter colored eye makeup, gave her a really fun twist yet still allowed her to match the classic styled green dress. When I finished my sister’s make up and took a picture to make sure her make up was all in check…..I teared up a little because I finally realized the beautiful young women she was blossoming into. I know I am so mushy but, I really couldn’t help but get teary eyed and a little achy in my heart cause to me, she is still that little girl I use to give piggy back rides, the little girl that would fall down an scrape her knee and I would be there to wipe her tears and put a bandage on her- telling her everything will be okay. I still can’t believe she is graduating from high school. And I can’t believe I got to do her make up for her—it was so much fun!


The next photos are of her personal grad photo shoots which happened a week after the group photo shoot. This time she wore a strapless black dress and requested for a different eye look cause she thought the other one was too bright for a black dress (which is correct! she is learning fast :p). She requested for a smokey eye and if that was her wish and request, I was going to honor that and no go with what I want ^_^ I think she loved this look more so than the one with green emerald color eye look with her green dress.

Silver/Glittery Black Smoked-Out Eye Look

close up and it looks like her lashes are falling off but there not! I swear! camera flash is so strong that it makes the falsie lash line look clear >.<

she’s a swimmer and is super active in sports therefore, she could probably kick my ass in that super toned body of hers =)

And this is her whole outfit look:

she is always all smilez =D

Do you guys see that huge squash in the back? it weighs 50LBS according to my parents because they grew it in our own backyard  =) My parents have a lovely vegetable garden that feeds the entire family and our neighbors, delicious vegetables such as lettuce, Italian zucchinis, Chayote (south American Mexican vegetable), winter melon, baby tomatoes and just a whole bunch of different kinds of vegetables. My sister’s and I are extremely blessed and lucky because my parent’s garden keeps providing love through vegetables. There is so much love and care put into the garden; my sisters and I have fresh organic veggies to eat every single day.

STUNNING!!! =) I love the dress, the hair and of course the make up =) and YES she is really my sister!

This girl is the sweetest girl you will ever meet and I am so proud and honored to be her sister. She, along with my family are by far my greatest blessings. I am not going to lie though, she drives the whole family crazy some times and borrows my stuff without asking (haha ^_^) but when it comes down to the real deal, she always has my back and is always supportive of me. So thank you Mamabear and Papbear for her =)

One last mushy comment I promise, but SISTERS FOREVER =D

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A Soft Romantic Look for Amber Brown Eyes

This look was inspired by the thought of ‘Romance in The Air’. This look is super easy, fun and flirty to wear. I think this look is very youthful and a nice way to wear your day make up for school/work/outings.

The key to this look is to keep your face make up soft, light and simple. By using a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, you are able to keep your self pretty natural looking versus using a full on foundation routine. An by adding a soft flushed rosy pink colored cream blush to your cheeks, you can create a healthy glow to your skin that will keep people wondering how you got that glow ^_^

For the eye make up, what can I say?? Purple works great for brown eyed girls. If you have Amber brown eyes, purple will bring out any yellow-copper or intensify any golden hints you may have. And this look, will look beautiful in natural sunlight.

You can wear this look during the night but you would have to intensify your colors and liner. But remember, less is more for this look cause you want to keep it soft and natural looking.

Products used on face:
[Lips] Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
[Etude] BB Bright Cream Multi Perfect w/ SPF15 in #2
[Sheer Coverage] Duo Concealer Light/Medium
[POUT] Cream Blush in Flushed Pink
[POUT] Powered Blush in Berry Babe
[the BALM cosmetic] Mary-Lou Manizer Illumanizer
[Urban Decay] Eye Primer in SIN
[Urban Decay] NAKED eye palette
[NYX]Triple Shadow’s for Sexy Babes Eyes Only. Baby Pink/ Cotton Candy/ Spring Flower
[Sephora] Flashy Liner Waterproof in Flashy Violet
[NYX] Felt Tip Liner in Jet Black
[Eye shadow] Purple in Drama
[Dolly Wink] Volume
[Loreal] Voluminous Million Lashes

Brush/Make up Tools used:
[Skyists Make-up Brush from Japan] Blush Brush #4
[M.A.C] Blending Brush #217
[Skyists….] Blending Fluff Brush #11
[Skyists….] Eye Shader Brush #15
[Shu Uemura] Eyelash Curler


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Smouldering Emerald Green Eye Makeup Look for Brown Eyed Girls

Today I decided to do a make up look (I did not wear this out today). So besides the color purple, one of my favorite colored eyeshadow to wear is Green. I think Green really suits a brown eyed girl like myself.  The Green helps intensify the brown in your eyes and will literally bring out any gold specks that you may have and were not aware of.  Make up does wonder in helping to intensify what is naturally already there.  For example, when my friend (who has blue eyes) puts on certain eyeshadow colors, her blue eyes are electrified and literally look like the deep blue sea–no joke!

 Superchubbycheek’s Beauty Philosophy: Less is More

Face: MUFE HD Foundation #110
Blush Powder: Pout’s “Berry Babe”
Bronzing Powder: Hoola from Benefit
Mascara: one coat of Dolly Wink
I did not do the “falsie trick” because I wanted to focus on the eye shadow color
Lips: Burt’s Bees Beewax Lip Balm

These are the products I used on my eyes.

Pout’s eye shadow packaging is super cute.  So sad the line was discontinued =*( I stocked up like crazy and have many unopened products from their line)

Pout’s “Miss July” Eye Shadow ES07

Pout’s Green Eyeliner “Eye Envy You” EP07. Comes with a pointy sponge to smoke out the eyeliner for that smoldering or sultry look ;)

 I unfortunately had to take all these pictures with my MacBook =_=” I do apologies but I promise a better camera is on its way. A friend of mine was kind enough to let me borrow his Camera (have to go pick it up) because I can’t commit to a camera yet. I am still deciding if I want to purchase an HD Digital Camera or an HD Camcorder to make my Youtube videos

Now for the Green eye make up:

So those are all the close up shots of my eye makeup. This eye look consisted of a lot of shading/blending of the two colors.  I think I could have blended it a little better but I was afraid the Macbook webcam would not be able to pick up the colors.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you want to learn how to re-create this look, I will be uploading a Youtube tutorial of this very soon and I will use an HD camera ^_^I promise!

I intensified the eyeliner in this picture and check out how smoldering the eyeliner is! A great evening look ;)

This was the first test run, than I realized I needed to intensified the colors because my MacBook webcam wasn’t picking it up.

Superchubbycheek’s beauty tip: SMILE!

stay tuned for a YT tutorial on how to recreate this smoldering emerald green eye makeup.

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I finally created a new youtube video after a long time of MIA =_=”


a girl cannot live w/out: eyelash curler and mascara

can’t go wrong with light purple

I took all these photos with my macbook.  Not very clear and you cannot see the false eyelashes look but HEY everybody loves some purple hehe ^_^.  I will take more photos with an HD camera to show you the actual “full” effect of using my technique to create the falsie look.

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Eminence Sugar Plum Oil-Free Revitalizer + 50ml bottle of Mirenza Organic Argan Oil

About 2.5 weeks ago, I received a phone call from the Shifeon store at Oakridge mall informing me my order of Eminence’s Sugar Plum Oil-Free Revitalizer had arrived. I was pretty ecstatic because I have heard good things about it. I was originally using the Rosehip Whip Moisturizer but I felt it to be, overly moisturizing for my combination skin (oily in the T-zone), even though I had emulsified it with a spray of the Hawthorne Toner/ or few drops of water to create a lighter application. I felt like it was still, a bit overly moisturizing to the point I had a few tiny pimples >.<

So I had decided to go and pick up my order and when I had arrived on a Tuesday to Oakridge mall, the Shifeon store had just closed. I was pretty surprised Oakridge closed so early on a Tuesday (6pm). So, I went on my little way to my next destination- Mirenza Spa located at 1496 West 6th (Granville and Broadway). Before actually catching the Canada Line, I made a quick phone call to the Spa (learnt my lesson with not calling ahead of time) where I was going to pick up my 50ml bottle of Mirenza Organic Argan oil (deal purchased at Social Shopper). I spoke to a man, and he informed me their spa would be open till 7pm. I arrived on site at 6:45pm and there was nobody inside the spa. So I called the number back and soon realized it was the wife’s husband (whom I had spoken to earlier) and he stated there should have been someone there…..but I guess what he was really trying to say was “the spa decided to close 15 minutes early”.  I asked if the number I called was correct because it sounded like it was a home phone….he told me, it was connected to their home phone spa  is connected to the home phone and home phone is connected to the spa- très intéressant!

ANYWAYS…. that was one frustrating day for me =_=” I came home empty handed.

So today (couple weeks later now) I worked from 7:45am to 3:15pm and right after work I went to Oakridge mall and got my sugar plum and went to Mirenza and picked up my organic Argan oil moisturizer.

I like how each Eminence cream/masque comes with a little Eminence spoon-like spatula

100% Mirenza Organic Argan Oil Moisturizer

I have already begun to use the sugar plum oil-free revitalizer and I can tell you thus far……it smells a bit like the Flinstone vitamins….wonder if they still make Flinstone vitamins ^_^ anyways, I am liking it so far and I think this suits my skin so much better because it states it will “normalize and beautify with nutritious plums and green tea extracts for normal to OILY skin types”.  That’s me!

I can’t wait to do a review of these two products :)  I have been dying to try the 100% organic Argan oil moisturizer.  I know Sephora caries Josie Maran ‘s Argan oil, which has been receiving rave reviews due to the product using mainly Argan oil and its magic to help even skin tone, reduce signs of aging, normalize breakouts.  The Eminence one states it leaves the skin matte and velvety= I like!


Argan oil is grown in Morocco and Argan oil is one of the world’s richest natural sources of vitamin E- high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which make it perfect for face, hand and body moisturizer.  =)

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